A History of innovation in Ultrasonic measurement

Since its inception, Fluenta has been at the forefront of advancing ultrasonic flare gas measurement technology. Our journey reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence in serving industries worldwide.

Pioneering Innovation in Ultrasonic Measurement: The Fluenta Story

Our Company History

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1982 to 1986

Fluenta’s journey began with a groundbreaking innovation: the development of the first Flare Gas Meter (FGM). This period marked a pivotal step in emission measurement technology.

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The Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) founded Fluenta AS, establishing a dedicated arm for the precise measurement of emissions from flaring, thus pioneering a new era in environmental accountability.

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A landmark year for Fluenta as the first FGM was deployed, setting a new industry standard for flare gas measurement and demonstrating our technological expertise.


Norway’s implementation of regulations to control greenhouse gases from flaring underscored the necessity of Fluenta’s solutions in the global movement towards environmental conservation.


Fluenta AS was acquired by Roxar AS, reflecting the value and potential of Fluenta’s technology in the broader market and marking a new chapter in our history.

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In 2007, Roxar decided to divest the flaring business and Fluenta found a new direction under the aegis of S. Aase, a Norwegian serial investor, fostering a period of reinvention and growth.

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2007 to 2021

Over these years, Fluenta AS underwent significant restructuring, achieving growth and establishing global sales offices. Notable developments included the TFS transducer range and the UFM Manager, enhancing our product offerings and customer configurations.

Top part of the FlarePhase ultrasonic transducer


The FlarePhase technology was developed, showcasing Fluenta’s continuous innovation in ultrasonic flare gas measurement and reinforcing our commitment to advanced solutions.


Fluenta launched FlareCal, a testament to our dedication to providing user-centric solutions and simplifying the calibration process for our clients.


Pushing the boundaries again, Fluenta introduced solutions capable of handling high Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen measurements and Active Flare Control, solidifying our position as industry leaders and environmental stewardship champions.

Fluenta's Ongoing Legacy

From pioneering the first Flare Gas Meter to innovating solutions like FlarePhase and FlareCal, Fluenta’s history is a testament to our unwavering commitment to technological advancement and environmental stewardship.

Each milestone in our journey reflects a deep-seated dedication to excellence and a forward-looking approach. As we continue to push boundaries and lead the industry, Fluenta remains focused on delivering solutions for ultrasonic flare gas measurement, underpinned by a passion for innovation and a drive to serve our global customers more effectively.

Our story is not just about what we have achieved; it’s about the future we are building.

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