Dual-Path Configurations

The dual-path Lateral-45 configuration is an advanced configuration and is compatible with all Fluenta ultrasonic transducers. It includes the installation of two pairs of Fluenta transducers, connected to a single field computer.

Doubling Up

Why choose dual-path?

The dual-path Lateral-45 configuration is an advanced configuration which consists of two pairs of ultrasonic transducers measuring the same gas flow and attached to a single FGM 160 field computer. Just like the single-path configuration, the dual-path is also non-intrusive, which in turn makes it low maintenance and requires the same 15 pipe diameters of straight piping to be installed (if straight piping is not sufficient, installation may still be possible with the use of CFD).

The dual path may be configured either to provide a redundancy in the system to protect against data loss and ensure that the installation remains compliant or to improve the accuracy of the flow velocity measurements (both cannot occur simultaneously).

Dual Path Installation Options

Dual-Path Configurations using four ultrasonic transducers

For Redundancy

Two pairs of transducers can be installed to ensure that one pair is always functioning. Both pairs are connected to the same field computer, which has the ability to detect and ignore and inaccurate readings ensuring that accurate flow measurement is still possible. However, the accuracy will remain the same as a single path installation, i.e., ±1%.

Dual-Path Configuration scheme

For Increased Accuracy

Dual-path can also be installed to enable a higher accuracy of up to ±0.75%. The two pairs of transducers are connected to the same field computer and make this possible by measuring the same flow and taking an average of the value.

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