Single-Path Configurations

This single-path Lateral-45 configuration is the standard configuration for all Fluenta ultrasonic transducers. It includes a pair of Fluenta transducers installed facing each other, at a 45 degree angle to the flow of gas, and connected to an FGM 160 field computer.

Keeping it Simple

Why choose a Lateral-45 configuration?

The single-path Lateral-45 configuration is the simplest configuration and consisting of only a single pair of ultrasonic transducers, it is also the most cost effective one. The single-path configuration is also capable of achieving a wet calibrated accuracy as high as ±1%. Fluenta transducers are also designed with compact installation in mind, requiring only 10 pipe diameters of straight piping downstream and 5 pipe diameters of straight piping upstream of the transducers.

Additionally, it also a non-intrusive installation, which makes is extremely low maintenance as having the transducers out of the flow of gas allow for the minimizing of deposits and contamination which might otherwise occur such as tar, wax or oil deposits.

Single-Path Offset Options

Single-path Lateral-45 transducers configuration without offset

Without Offset

In a zero offset installation, the transducers are installed on the central axis of the pipe and this allows them to measure across the full flow profile.

Single-path Lateral-45 transducers configuration with offset

With Offset

Some installations, such as those with space constraints or bigger pipe diameters, may require the transducers to be installed at an offset, i.e., not on the central axis of the pipe. Although this means that the full flow profile is not being measured, this will not affect accuracy as the field computer is capable of compensating for it.

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