Take back control of your installation with Fluenta's retrofit/meter upgrades option with no shutdown or mechanical works required.

Taking back control with accurate consistent measurements

Upgrading to Fluenta without the hassle

Downtime on your installed ultrasonic metering solution costs money. If you are not happy with your existing, upgrade to Fluenta’s ultrasonic measuring solution to eliminate downtimes and enable accurate reliable measurement to maintain compliance with national and international standards.

Fluenta offers to retrofit your existing installation with our own meters, without any shutdown or mechanical work required. The swift installation and commissioning further reduces downtime, in turn saving money limiting exposure to regulatory action.


Retrofit Options

Lateral-45 Retrofit

Fluenta offers a lateral-45 configuration retrofit option to replace your existing meters with a Fluenta ultrasonic metering solution without any shutdown or mechanical work required, offering accuracy as high as 1%, as long as an existing 3″ latro-flange is available. Being non-intrusive, it also requires minimal maintenance. Lateral-45 retrofit options can also be tailored to […]

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Bias-90 Retrofit

A TFS-55 based Bias-90 configuration retrofit option is also offered by Fluenta for installations which currently have 3″ flanges installed at 90 degrees to the pipe. This Bias-90 retrofit option can accommodate pipe sizes ranging from 10″ to 42″ and is intrusive in nature, meaning it is more affected by fouling as compared to the […]

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