Upgrades and Retro-fits

We're able to retrofit measurement equipment in nearly all situations, providing stable and accurate reporting, even with previously problematic installations

We regularly undertake retrofits and upgrades for customers with challenging installations

Our dedicated engineers work closely with your teams to ensure the meters deliver the necessary compliance data, going the extra mile to meet your satisfaction.

Many problems arise from contaminated or damaged sensors, especially those in ‘Bias 90’ or other ‘intrusive’ sensor placements within the flow. We highly recommend transitioning to a Fluenta lateral 45 arrangement due to our ‘non-intrusive’ sensor technology. This shift not only significantly enhances accuracy but also extends the lifespan and serviceability of the installation, considering the extreme velocities and contaminants in flare lines.

Other common issues in failing installations involve handling extreme temperatures or challenging gas compositions, like CO2 and Hydrogen. At Fluenta, we offer a remarkable range of materials and signal processing solutions capable of accommodating a broader spectrum of temperatures and gas compositions compared to other market alternatives. Our sensors have been rigorously tested from as low as -200°C to as high as +350°C, providing the broadest operating temperature range available.

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