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A Blend of Expertise and Vision

Guided by integrity, expertise, and a vision for excellence, the Fluenta management team embodies the values that drive our success. Meet the people at the helm of our organization.

Julian Dudley-Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Since taking the helm at Fluenta, leading international business director Julian has strengthened the organisation’s position as the predominant pioneer in the sector

Julian has cultivated an unrivalled global team dedicated to solving the most extreme gas flaring measurement requirements.

As a result, Fluenta offers truly global support to its customers and has broken new ground in measurement techniques for high and low gas attenuation applications, recently developing and launching products with a wider temperature range than anything available in the market.

Geir Utne Berg

Chief Financial Officer

Geir has more than 25 years of global experience through multiple executive roles in audit, financial services, banking, real estate, energy, IoT and commercial industries serving as CEO, COO and CFO and on the board of directors.

Geir holds an MBA from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) and an M Sc Econ & BA from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He also has Executive education from Stanford Graduate School of Business and from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

David Patching

Chief Marketing Officer

Bringing 30 years of marketing experience, David has built and enhanced global marketing teams for an impressive range of technology brands through his career.

Tasked with positioning Fluenta for the next stage of growth, his team are passionate about the customer experience, placing marketing at the heart of all commercial activities.

Fluenta is poised ready to serve existing customers and markets, whilst fully embracing the opportunities and challenges that increasing regulation and the move towards a global carbon economy presents from both a regulatory and an efficiency standpoint.

Radek Kurkowski

Sales Director, EMEA

EMEA sales director, Radek has a unique combination of technical and market experience. This means he is the perfect bridge between our customer needs, our marketing, and our research and development departments.

Equally, his in-depth understanding of sector and customer requirements drives our pioneering efforts to uncover and resolve unmet industry requirements.

Furthermore, whilst establishing the Dubai office, Radek increased partnerships and relationships with local specialists in order to further enhance our support, dedication and expertise within the EMEA region.

Shamsool Yahaya

Sales Director, APAC

Shamsool brings 32 years of experience with major international Oil & Gas companies to his role. His expertise spans supply chain management, operations, and business development, and he deftly applies these skills to spearhead Fluenta’s multi-pronged sales strategies in the APAC region.

Sam is tasked with expanding Fluenta’s market share and brand awareness in the APAC region while adapting to evolving regulatory landscapes in flare gas industries and exceeding high customer demands and expectations.

To that end, Shamsool and his team are diligently forming strategic alliances with regional and local partners, ensuring that Fluenta offers unrivalled quality and continuous support services to customers throughout the region.

Graham Davies

Quality Director

Graham brings a unique perspective and experience spanning over 30 years in electronics manufacturing, including technical engineering and quality assurance.

Graham drives Fluenta’s Quality Management with a particular focus on customer requirements, optimising internal processes, and championing continuous improvement to support staff missions. Graham also oversees Fluenta’s certification programme to ensure the company’s product line continues to meet deployment requirements in hazardous locations.

Graham’s unique background allows him to roll out and maintain critical quality processes to maintain Fluenta’s exceptional flare gas measurement solutions.

Pola Szolka

Operations Director

Our engineering excellence is made possible through the development of our own internal streamlined solutions. In her time at Fluenta, Pola has pioneered the automation of our internal operation processes which supports and empowers our global teams in a number of ways.

For example, our sales teams can quickly source specialist materials for bespoke installations, while our operations teams can prioritise customer demands – such as meter calibrations and witnessed FAT testing carried out by our expert service engineers.

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