Compact Installations

When dealing with pipe length and positioning challenges, our approach sets us apart from most competitors. We only require 10 times the pipe diameter upstream and 5 times the pipe diameter downstream from the sensor positions to ensure stable and precise readings.

Even in cases where achieving the 10d up and 5d down configuration isn’t feasible, we leverage Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the total flow. This often results in superior and more accurate results compared to our competitors.

Physical limitations, such as proximity to other equipment or pipes that restrict access, can pose additional challenges. In such situations, we have several options available. These include orienting the sensors at angles to avoid obstructions, installing shorter sensor tubes, or utilizing a ‘Bias-90’ installation where both sensors enter the pipe from the same side.

While implementing these options may involve design and calibration challenges and close collaboration with our in-house engineering teams, we have a proven track record of successfully deploying such solutions worldwide.

This shows a typical Bias 90 configuration

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