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Fluenta flare gas measurement solutions not only ensure your regulatory compliance, they help you explore alternative revenue streams and build a path towards Net Zero.

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Ultrasonic measurement of flare gas is our core expertise and, as the world moves towards net zero, we're applying it to help not only reduce flaring as a whole, but also to measure and ultimately control emissions.

Fluenta has been a global leader in flare gas measurement since its inception in 1985, working with every major producer in every region of the world. Our engineers work to develop solutions, even in difficult process conditions, with challenging gas compositions or restricted space.

Our solutions have saved our customers billions of dollars in fiscal control penalties and offered regulators the opportunity to measure and control their national emissions.

Today, we can supply customers and regulators solutions which go beyond mere flow measurement, offering genuine value and insight into flaring control, a route towards the goals that will safeguard the future of our industry.


Accuracy and Reliability

Whether it's Oil and Gas, refineries, LNG, or industrial applications, Fluenta's non-intrusive ultrasound technology, combined with bespoke patented measurement techniques, are renowned for accuracy and reliability.

Enhanced Compliance

Delivering cost savings and regulatory compliance benefits to industry, Fluenta enables accurate measurements at extended high and low temperatures as well as in large pipe diameters or when high levels of CO2 or hydrogen are present.

Custom Solutions

We have solutions for processes that create particular measurement challenges. Learn more about our specialist solutions, or contact us directly to discuss your own metering challenges.


Advancing Decarbonization Plans through Innovative Measurement for Greener Planet.

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Our latest blog posts, press releases and white papers

Petronas Upgrades to Fluenta

In 2020, Malaysia’s government-owned oil and gas company, Petronas, stated their aspirations to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 with the application of new technologies to reduce emissions. This included a focus on reducing and ultimately eliminating routine flaring. To reduce flare gas volumes, the first step Petronas took was to ensure accurate and reliable […]

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Case Studies – Weathering the Cold

Some clients are located in extremely cold regions or have cryogenic process conditions which make accurate measurement very difficult as both of these put significant stress on the meters.

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Case Studies – Quick, Seamless Upgrades

The client was suffering due to their exist flare gas meters being unable to cope with the process conditions and malfunctioning and providing inconsistent and incorrect readings.

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ADIPEC is the flagship event for the energy industry, bringing together leaders from all disciplines under a single roof. 180,000 attendees and lots of coffee.

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OGA 2023

It was a pleasure to meet so many customers new, and old, at OGA ’23 in Kuala Lumpur. Our new booth design proved a big hit with attendees.

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Fluenta is proud to announce the signing of a new contract with Tamimi Energy, a subsidiary of the Saudi Tamimi Group of companies.

The contract enables Tamimi Energy to manufacture under license Fluenta’s flare gas meter FGM160 in Saudi Arabia.

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Fluenta’s gas measurement solution will be installed in Atlantic’s LNG facility, located in Trinidad and Tobago

Bechtel, a renowned Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company, is working with Fluenta to engineer a gas measurement solution for Atlantic, one of the world’s largest Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) producers.   

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Fluenta wins a five-year contract to supply the Bahraini oil and gas company, Tatweer Petroleum, with ultrasonic flare gas measurement solutions.

The contract deal will enable Tatweer Petroleum to improve its efficiency and comply with increasing national and global regulations to measure, monitor, and report flare gas emissions.

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A Partnership Between Fluenta and SEGITEC Supports North African Nations’ Carbon Reduction Ambitions

May 27, 2024 — Cambridge, UK – Fluenta, a global leader in developing ultrasonic sensing technology to measure flare gas, has recently partnered with SEGITEC, an integrator of control and instrumentation solutions with strong roots in North Africa, to become its exclusive channel partner.  Fluenta’s ultrasonic flare gas measurement solutions and SEGITEC’s established distribution network […]

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Fluenta empowers Africa’s largest oil refinery with cutting-edge flare gas measurement technology

The Nigerian authorities are leading the charge in the control and regulation of flaring gas, looking towards eliminating the need for routine flaring over the next few years.

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Fluenta’s technology aids Nigeria’s flare gas reduction efforts

The Nigerian authorities are leading the charge in the control and regulation of flaring gas, looking towards eliminating the need for routine flaring over the next few years.

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Technology Comparison: Thermal Mass Vs. Ultrasonic Meters for Flare Gas Measurement

This article describes and compares ultrasonic and thermal mass technologies used for flare gas measurement and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each. For ultrasonic measurement, this article refers to Fluenta’s FGM 160 flare gas meter. Measurement Methods An ultrasonic flow meter sends ultrasonic signals across a pipe at a 45° angle to the direction […]

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21 Key Considerations to Make Before Choosing a Flare Meter – A Checklist

Where would you start if you’ve been tasked with specifying a flare gas measurement solution? Unlike acquiring a new boiler for your home, correctly specifying a flare gas meter requires a thorough process to identify an installation’s needs and requirements before engaging with a vendor. We have seen many operators get this step wrong and […]

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Accurate Flare Gas Measurement: The First Step to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Flaring in the oil and gas industry significantly contributes to environmental impact. Accurate flare gas measurement is crucial for managing emissions and supporting decarbonization efforts to reach net-zero targets.

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