LNG Industry

LNG is typically held at extremely low temperatures, meaning that other means of measurement are either impractical or unreliable.

Flare Management in Liquefied Natural Gas

Fluenta have specially designed ‘Cryo’ sensors capable of working at minus 200 Degrees Celsius, and yet still able to measure rapid flow within your flare lines.

Safety is paramount in the LNG industry. Flares are essential safety mechanisms used to burn off excess gas to prevent hazardous releases. Accurate flare gas measurement ensures that the system operates within safe limits and meets stringent regulatory requirements. Fluenta’s technology provides real-time data, enabling operators to respond promptly to potential safety issues and avoid accidents.

As with the entire energy industry, the LNG industry faces increasing pressure to minimize its environmental footprint. Accurate measurement of flare gas emissions is essential for monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants. Our meters are capable of an accuracy better than 1% even in these extreme conditions, enabling LNG operators to implement measures to reduce emissions and comply with environmental regulations.

Increasingly, we’re becoming involved in projects to improve operational efficiency. Fluenta flow meters provide accurate data on flare gas flow rates and when combined with composition data, operators can make informed decisions about process adjustments and maintenance. This leads to reduced waste, improved process efficiency, and lower operational costs.

Fluenta’s technology offers real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing operators to detect anomalies or potential issues immediately. This proactive approach enables quick intervention to prevent equipment failures, reduce downtime, and enhance the overall reliability of LNG facilities.

Accurate flare gas measurement is vital for transparent reporting to regulatory authorities, stakeholders, and the public. Fluenta’s technology provides detailed data that can be used to demonstrate compliance with emissions standards and foster trust within the industry.

As the LNG industry evolves and environmental regulations become stricter, having a reliable and accurate flare gas measurement system becomes increasingly important. Fluenta’s technology is adaptable and can accommodate and integrate with changing industry requirements, ensuring that LNG facilities remain compliant and competitive in the long term.

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