Health, Safety, and Environment

Prioritizing Safety and Excellence in the Energy Industry

In an industry where safety is paramount, Fluenta stands out with a relentless commitment to secure operations. At the core of our business, safety isn't just a priority, it's our ethos.

Our team, trained to the highest global standards, has earned worldwide recognition for exceptional service quality and is trusted by everyone from niche operators to the most prominent supermajors.

Understanding the critical nature of our work, Fluenta ensures the utmost safety at all our facilities and extends this commitment to customer and vendor sites where our personnel are active. Our goal is not just to prevent accidents and incidents but to foster a culture where the well-being of our employees and the integrity of our environment are paramount.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Maintaining Excellence Through Learning and Adaptation

This dedication to safety and environmental care is evidenced by our remarkable track record: over five years without a single lost working hour due to accidents. At Fluenta, every team member embraces their role in safeguarding themselves, their colleagues, and the environment. Guided by a proactive management team, we continually reassess and refine our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies.

Our commitment to improvement is unwavering, as we constantly seek new ways to enhance our practices. By constantly evolving and adapting, we ensure that Fluenta leads by example in the oil & gas industry, setting the benchmark for safety and operational excellence.

Our Health and Safety Mission

Fluenta is dedicated to creating a culture of safety and well-being, ensuring top safety standards at our facilities and offsite locations. Our focus is on preventing injuries and accidents, fostering a positive and secure environment for our employees. We champion individual responsibility and environmental protection, adhering strictly to health and safety regulations in all our operations.

Our Policies

Fluenta recognises its responsibility to provide safe working conditions at the company’s facilities and customer and vendor premises where Fluenta personnel are engaged.

It is a primary aim for Fluenta to avoid injuries, incidents and accidents of any kind, to promote a positive working environment for all its employees, and to conduct its business without putting the health of personnel at risk.

To achieve this, the personnel must accept the individual responsibility to protect themselves, their colleagues and the working environment.

Fluenta will conduct its business in accordance with applicable rules and regulations concerning the protection of the environment.

This policy provides an overview of Fluenta’s vision of security. Appropriate security measures give confidence to our workforce, suppliers and customers and ensure compliance with appropriate laws.

The security and safety of our staff is of paramount importance. We aim to achieve the highest health, safety, and welfare standards for all its employees, contractors, and others who may be affected by the Company’s activities.

Security of our building and physical assets aims to prevent unauthorized access to Fluenta premises, chiefly for the prevention of either opportunistic or corporate crime.

Security of our information is critical, both for preventing the unauthorized access or release of secure documents and for controlling the way we handle the personal data of our customers and staff.

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