Dealing with High Temperatures

Fluenta offers a comprehensive range of flare gas measurement solutions to address this issue. In response to the growing demand for handling process conditions up to 350 Degrees Celsius

When the heat is on...

Fluenta are pleased to introduce the latest iteration of our FlarePhase sensor. This innovative sensor can precisely measure gas flow in environments with temperatures as high as 350 degrees Celsius.

What sets us apart is our ground-breaking approach to materials. Our sensors incorporate not only titanium sensor tips but also ceramics and electronics designed to withstand extreme temperatures. We have also developed a novel method for monitoring temperatures within the sensor probes and automatically calibrating the sensors for optimal signal strength. This ensures the most reliable measurements possible.

It’s not only that we can measure to over 350 degrees Celsius, it’s that the same sensor is also capable of reading to -40 degrees Celcius, one of the widest operating ranges of any sensor on the market.

Even our standard sensors offer a wide operational temperature range. By utilizing a combination of CHIRP and continuous wave technologies, we achieve pinpoint accuracy, especially when facing fluctuating temperature conditions.

If your flare lines are exposed to extreme temperature variations, Fluenta provides the most robust, accurate, and versatile solutions on the market.

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