UFM Manager

The UFM Manager is Fluenta's proprietary software, which has been designed to make everyday management of your ultrasonic flare meter easier. The easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface ensures that learning the system is quick and easy.

Keeping in Control

Gain valuable insights

Being an easy-to-use software featuring an intuitive graphical interface, Fluenta’s UFM Manager is an easy to learn to software solution which makes the setup and day-to-day onsite management simple and allows you to reduce downtime as downtime costs money. The UFM Manager works with all Fluenta field computers and can be run on any PC, laptop or tablet running Microsoft Windows 10 or newer.

The UFM manager improves setup, diagnostics, measurement and security enabling you to retain maximum control and gain valuable insights on your flaring. The UFM manager also enables the setting of alarm limits for parameters such as sound velocity, flow velocity, temperature, pressure etc. depending on which of the two access levels the user has access to, the basic access or the advanced operator access.

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Access Levels

Basic Access

All UFM Manager copies come with a free basic access. This access level allows live data previews and grants access to basic installation information, such as field computer serial number and tag number.

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Operator Access

Operator access is a paid upgrade to UFM manager which unlocks several advanced features, in addition to those offered by the basic access, which are needed to day-to-day maintenance and setup granting you maximum control over the metering solution.

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Although rare, problems may occur and it is during these times that expert support is crucial. Instead of wait for a certified technician to reach your installation, Fluenta’s expert team may be able to provide remote troubleshooting and support using the health check procedure (only available with operator access).

Safety and security in the industry is under more scrutiny now than ever. With UFM manager, all service engineers must undertake training with Fluenta before obtaining the software with the the software license expiring alongside their training certificate to ensure the safety of your critical equipment.

UFM Manager allows users to create live graphical representations of signals specific to their flow conditions. This includes continuous wavelength and chirp signals, as well as correlation graphs. This allows the user to gain maximum insights about their flow conditions in real time (only available with operator access).

Key Features

Basic Access

  • Live dashboard: Shows data on velocity, flows, volumes etc.
  • 10 day totalizer: Calculates accumulated values of standard volume, actual volume and mass for current day and previous 10 days.
  • Data Logging: Logs and stores historical data.
  • System Configuration: Allows user to change basic system settings, units of measurement and synchronizing the system clock with another machine.

Operator Access

In addition to the features provided with basic access, obtained operator access also unlocks the following features:

  • Graphs & Live Data: Grants access to signal quality data and graphs of ultrasonic signals.
  • Input Configuration: Allows the configuration of inputs available in the flow meter: pressure and temperature using HART, 4-20, Modbus or fixed values.
  • Modbus Configuration: Allows configuration of the MODBUS interface.
  • Analog & Other Outputs: Allows the user to select from a number of variables available on one of six analog outputs. Configuration of all other outputs also available.
  • Health Check: A comprehensive check to aid in the evaluation of the health of your meter.
  • Save System State: Saves instrument settings to a file, allowing it to be sent to Fluenta for troubleshooting.
  • Flowmeter Alarms: Allows user to set alarms at critical values for measurements such as flow velocity, temperature, pressure etc.

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