High H2 applications

The energy industry is swiftly transitioning to hydrogen-based applications due to the rapid shift towards renewable energies. Hydrogen has emerged as one of the most promising solutions in achieving net-zero objectives.

High levels of Hydrogen in Flare Lines

The High-Velocity Hydrogen Measurement Predicament

Currently, ultrasonic methods face issues when measuring high-velocity gases with substantial hydrogen content. This issue stems from hydrogen’s high-speed sound propagation at approximately 1300 meters per second, necessitating rapid processing across short sensor distances.

Additional complexities arise from the wide angle of dispersion in hydrogen, low signal attenuation, and internal reflections, making it challenging to pinpoint the direct source signal and accurately calculate time of flight, particularly in higher hydrogen levels.

The Innovative Fluenta Solution

Fluenta is actively developing a range of electronics, digital signal processing techniques, and sensor materials to ensure precise measurements in environments with exceptionally high hydrogen levels. We are proud to have been chosen as a partner for the UK government’s ‘Futuregrid’ project, dedicated to delivering a technology solution for measuring 100% hydrogen within the next 18 months, with the project already underway.

Collaborate with Us to Tackle High-Hydrogen Challenges

If you are grappling with challenges in a high-hydrogen application, we strongly recommend reaching out to us. Our team is ready to collaborate with your organization to develop a customized solution that not only addresses your specific needs but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. Get in touch today to explore our cutting-edge solutions.

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