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We have an industry-leading distribution program, with contributory marketing funds, sales and service training and an annualised business planning and support cycle.

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Flare gas measurement is a niche application for which there are only a handful of solutions. Partnering with Fluenta can give your distribution company a significant edge in this competitive market.

Fluenta is a global leader in ultrasonic flare gas measurement – one of the most challenging measurement and instrumentation disciplines.

Applying to be a distributor for Fluenta is no small undertaking. We have high standards, and so do our customers – but, if you have an exceptional support team, product experts and a customer base looking for the most accurate Flare Gas Measurement and control possible, then we should talk. We offer our distribution partners full involvement in our business. Full training, insight, and a relationship that goes far beyond a typical reseller arrangement. Complete this form to reach out and we’ll be in touch.

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