We believe in a future where energy and sustainability go hand in hand. Our mission is to empower the energy industry with the tools and technology needed for accurate flare gas measurement, guiding policies towards eliminating routine flaring and venting.

Sustainability at Fluenta

Fluenta is deeply committed to the sustainable future of the energy industry. Our focus is on enhancing the precision and efficiency of flare gas measurement, a vital step in the journey towards achieving zero routine flaring and eliminating gas venting. This commitment plays a crucial role in empowering operators from upstream through to downstream industries reduce the impact of harmful greenhouse gases through decarbonisation plans.

As staunch advocates for environmental responsibility, Fluenta supports the OGMP 2.0 framework and collaborates with various organizations and governments to minimize the release of detrimental hydrocarbons. Our efforts extend beyond traditional practices, embracing renewable fuels like hydrogen and improving CO2 measurement techniques. These advancements are pivotal for the success of Carbon Capture initiatives and other sustainable energy projects.

Fluenta recognizes that technology is the key to overcoming today’s environmental challenges in the energy sector. Through accurate measurement and comprehensive data analysis, we are enabling the energy industry to make informed decisions, fostering a transition to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

Our Sustainability Mission

We are dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet the current needs but also safeguard those of the future. By enhancing accuracy and efficiency in flare gas measurement, we are helping to build a regulatory framework that effectively mitigates and controls harmful emissions. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, as we strive to lead by example in the pursuit of a net-zero future.

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