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Case Studies


Indorama Venture’s olefins plant required the installation of two flare gas meters to meet their environmental reporting requirements. This was to be done within the next full-plant turnaround to cut down Indorama’s losses due to them being offline. They required all the equipment to be onsite and ready for installation in under four weeks. 


When first contacted, Fluenta sales team immediately sprang into action and started the process of curating the complete package to be delivered on time and as per spec. This was challenging as the parts which formed the package were being manufactured or procured from suppliers all over the globe. Due to their experience, they were able to identify and focus on the main components which could a missed deadline as well as using their relations with equipment suppliers to procure materials and equipment as soon as possible.


The Fluenta team was able to deliver everything in site and install both the flare gas meters within the full-plant turnaround, helping the client meet their environmental reporting needs and preventing them any losses that would have occurred if an additional plant shutdown was required.

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