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The client was suffering due to their exist flare gas meters being unable to cope with the process conditions and malfunctioning and providing inconsistent and incorrect readings. This was proving to be hindrance to achieving their targets of reducing and ultimately eliminating flaring. The client needed the meter to be upgraded in an expedited manner but the meters were located in an offshore facility, which added multiple complications.


Fluenta, along with our partners, Krohne, devised a plan to quickly replace the existing meters with Fluenta TFS transducers and FGM 160 flow computers, as they were capable of providing accurate, reliable readings in the present process conditions. Due to the assortments of connections and configurations available and service engineers being based in Malaysia, the meters could be installed into their already present piping system without the need for any modifications, saving precious time for the client.


The Fluenta meters were successfully commissioned within the expedited timeline and are performing well in terms of accuracy and reliability further helping Petronas move towards their target of zero flaring as “what can be measured can be reduced”. The upgradation of these meters was also part of the plan to make the Resak offshore facility Malaysia’s first remotely controlled platform.

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