Field Computer Power Cable


To provide power to our FGM 160 Field Computer, Fluenta uses an RFOU(i) cable which is a flame retardant, mud resistant, halogen-free cable suitable to be used as a fixed installation for instrumentation, communication, control and alarm systems in EX (zone 0, 1 & 2). It is constructed of a tinned, annealed, stranded copper as the conductor, followed by 8 layers of protection; an EP-rubber insulation, polyester tape, 3-layers of PETP-tape, a flame retardant and halogen-free thermoset compound bedding, tinner copper wire braid for armour and a flame retardant, halogen-free and mud resistant thermoset compound as the outer most layer.

While Fluenta prefers the usage of this cable as the Power Cable, alternatives may also be available on request if additional specifications are required.

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