High CO2 applications

Accurate measurement in high levels of CO2 has applications much wider than traditional Flare lines. We're currently working with multiple partners on CCUS projects which offer the potential to transform the energy market.

The ability to measure in high CO2 environments

CO2 levels over 40% in flare gas have traditionally been no-go areas for accurate ultrasonic measurement, but we're challenging that wisdom with our new range of FlarePhase sensors.

Although ultrasonic measurement offers a significantly more precise method for gauging flare gas, it’s crucial to note that ultrasonic signals are prone to absorption by CO2. This absorption effect is so pronounced that even in smaller pipe sizes, such as 12 inches, signal attenuation can be as extreme as 100,000 to 1.

Given this situation, a high degree of specialized expertise is indispensable. At Fluenta, we are confident that we have a viable solution. We are currently in the testing phase of a system that can provide accurate measurements in conditions where CO2 comprises well over 90% of the gas composition. While this technology is still experimental, we already possess sensors and engineering solutions capable of accurate measurements in all but the most extreme scenarios.

If you are grappling with challenges in a high-CO2 application, we strongly recommend reaching out to us. We can collaborate with your teams to develop a tailored solution that not only addresses your specific needs but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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