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Fluenta cables have been specifically designed to work with our different system components and ensure readings of the highest accuracy and precision possible whilst ensuring complete safety.

Connecting System Components

Hazardous area approved power and coupling cables

Fluenta approved cables are designed to connect the different system components together, such as the transducers and filed computer, and provide power to the system to transform the individual components into an ultrasonic metering solution. They are designed to offer optimal conditions for signal transmission and eliminate external interference, which might degrade or interrupt data transmission, to provide the customer with maximum performance when it comes to accuracy and precision.

Fluenta cable are also intrinsically safe, due to the limited amount of energy they store, as well as their resistance to abrasion, mud, water and interference, coping with the harshest environments on the planet and yet still meeting the most stringent safety requirements. They are required in a Fluenta installation and are certified for use in hazardous areas to complete compliance of the ultrasonic metering solution with safety standards gobally.

Cable Options

Field Computer Power Cable

To provide power to our FGM 160 Field Computer, Fluenta uses an RFOU(i) cable which is a flame retardant, mud resistant, halogen-free cable suitable to be used as a fixed installation for instrumentation, communication, control and alarm systems in EX (zone 0, 1 & 2). It is constructed of a tinned, annealed, stranded copper as […]

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Transducer Coupling Cable

Coupling between the transducers and the FGM 160 field computer is provided with either a RFOU(c) cable and/or a RFOU(i) cable. Is it mandatory for the coupling to be done only by Fluenta supplied cables. Both are again flame retardant, mud resistant, halogen-free cables which are suitable for use as a fixed installation for instrumentation, […]

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