Transducer Coupling Cable


Coupling between the transducers and the FGM 160 field computer is provided with either a RFOU(c) cable and/or a RFOU(i) cable. Is it mandatory for the coupling to be done only by Fluenta supplied cables.

Both are again flame retardant, mud resistant, halogen-free cables which are suitable for use as a fixed installation for instrumentation, communication, control and alarm systems in EX (zone 0, 1 & 2). Similar to the RFOU(i), the RFOU(c) also contains a tinned, annealed, stranded copper as the conductor, but instead of 3 layers of PETP-tape, it contains 2 layers of PET-tape.

The cables are rated to an operating voltage of 250 Volts and can be operated up to a maximum conductor temperature of 90°C. Installation can also be carried out at a minimum temperature of -20°C.

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