The all-new Fluenta FlareCal self-calibration solution allows you to save time, cut costs and simplify compliance. There is no longer a need for a Fluenta service engineer to be present on-site.

Enabling self-managed zero-point calibration for Fluenta Transducers

Your new calibration box for operator managed zero-point calibrations of ultrasonic transducers

Many regulators require at least an annual inspection and calibration of flare meter equipment, especially where taxation is based upon measurement. Even where this isn’t a regulatory requirement, it makes good sense, to ensure you are meeting requirements and not being taxed beyond the required levels. Of course, we have service teams globally that can assist with this, but now, for the first time, Fluenta is able to offer a comprehensive re-calibration that can be performed by your own qualified engineers.

Whilst some manufacturers satisfy themselves with a simple check of TX and RX signal quality, the new FlareCal from Fluenta re-calibrates each sensor to rectify any drift from contamination or aging of components. Removing the sensors also allows for essential cleaning and maintenance. Once re-calibrated ,the updated configuration is then uploaded to your field computer and tested, with a new compliance certificate issued by the Fluenta team.

FlareCal offers self-managed rigorous verification for all configurations of the TFS ultrasonic transducers without requiring on-site presence of a Fluenta certified engineer. The intuitive, easy-to-follow user manual ensures ease of use and enables minimum downtime. No matter what your verification and compliance requirements look like, we have got you covered. We recommend at least an annual verification and calibration of the ultrasonic transducers.

Why Calibrate?

Flare gas measurement plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing the emissions from flaring activities. Accurate and precise equipment is of utmost importance for this. However, over time the equipment may lose its accuracy and the internal offset of the sensor may drift due several different factors, such as age, fouling etc.Thus, regular calibration […]

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What is Zero-Point Calibration?

Zero-point calibration simply refers to the process of establishing a baseline reference point of the equipment against which all measurements are taken. It ensures that the equipment accurately reads zero when there is no gas flow and the temperature, pressure and speed of sound are known. This calibration is used to update the offset value […]

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FlareCal Calibration Process

Historically, a Fluenta certified certified engineer had to carry out the zero-point calibration on site. This was a complicated process, had a long lead time and incurred a substantial cost. Now, for the first time, Fluenta is offering a self-service kit called the FlareCal, which enables any competent service engineer to carry out zero-point calibration […]

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