Fluenta is pleased to announce it has appointed Spartan Controls Ltd. as the exclusive distributor for Fluenta’s gas measurement technology in Western Canada


Fluenta’s technology provides reliable measurement in extremely high or low-pressure environments, utilizing their market-leading product range in a number of configurations, which results in extremely high levels of accuracy in these challenging conditions.

“We are excited to add Fluenta, a high-performance manufacturer, to our product portfolio,” said Chris Wilkinson, Vice President of Measurement Instrumentation, Spartan Controls. “Spartan’s technical expertise, combined with exceptional field service, delivers high reliability to our customers’ critical applications.”

Accurate flare gas measurement is critical to comply with the changing and increasing environmental regulations. The Fluenta FGM 160 flare gas meter allows for highly accurate measurement in a wide range of flare parameters, helping operators with even the most challenging conditions, comply with tightening national and international regulations.

“With Spartan’s extensive sales and support organization, we will continue to meet and exceed the challenges, standards, and requirements of flare gas measurement,” said Thomas Koczynski, Sales Director North America and Canada, Fluenta. “The industry requirements are evolving and so has our product, with increased temperature ranges and additional application and technology advances.”

Combining respective strengths in environmental measurement, Spartan and Fluenta will provide customers with a differentiated level of application support and after-sales services for critical environmental applications.

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