Fluenta signs an agreement with Valtronics Inc. to distribute and support its range of leading flare gas measurement products across sixteen US States.


Fluenta is delighted to announce it has appointed Valtronics Inc. as the exclusive distributor for Fluenta’s gas measurement technology across sixteen states in the East of the USA. Fluenta, a global leader in ultrasonic measurement and management technology for the oil and gas and chemical processing industries, brings over 35 years of dedicated design and application expertise in flare flow measurement.

Fluenta specializes in accurately measuring flare gas flows from under 0.1ms-1 to over 120ms-1 with some of the most challenging gas compositions, and with a wider operating temperature range than any alternate supplier. Utilizing their market-leading sensor technologies, they can operate at below -200oC and up to 350oC, temperatures at which other sensors simply fall apart. Given the highly unpredictable nature of flare gas emissions, this capability is extremely valuable to Fluenta customers, allowing them to meet and exceed regulatory requirements in almost all circumstances.

“We are excited to add Fluenta, a high-performance manufacturer, to our product mix,” said Ken Thompson, CEO, Valtronics. “Valtronics’s technical expertise, combined with exceptional field service, and our leading portfolio of products, deliver the highest reliability to our customers’ critical applications.”

Accurate flare gas measurement is critical to comply with the changing and increasing environmental regulations. The Fluenta FGM 160 flare gas meter allows for highly accurate measurement in a wide range of flare parameters, helping operators with even the most challenging conditions, comply with tightening national and international regulations.

“With Valtronic’s extensive sales and support organization, we will continue to meet and exceed the challenges, standards, and requirements of flare gas measurement,” said Christopher Viramontes, Regional Sales Manager, Fluenta Inc.  “The industry requirements are evolving and so has our product, with increased temperature ranges and additional application and technology advances.”

Combining respective strengths in environmental measurement, Valtronics and Fluenta will provide customers with a differentiated level of application support and after-sales services for critical environmental applications.

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