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There was no power source available on-site for the several months as the flare was located in a remote area in Tabasco state, Mexico. However, due to the National Hydrocarbons Commissions (NHC) requirements the client could not bring the flare into operation without a flare meter and they did not want to wait for the power infrastructure to be completed.


Fluenta, being a flare metering solutions provider, assessed the situation and came up with a cost effective, solution which could be implemented immediately. We reused a solar array and batteries which the client already owned due to a previous project. Due to the FGM 160s low power requirements, this meant that is can also be run on batteries for a considerable amount of time, thus enabling round the clock operations for the flare on just the solar array and batteries.


By using equipment which the client already had on hand, Fluenta was able to provide a low cost solution which not only bought the flare online by helping them meet the NHC’s requirements without an available power source, but also utilized unused equipment from an earlier project.

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