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Ultrasonic flow meters require a certain amount of straight piping free from any obstructions such as bends, valves etc. for them to measure the flow accurately. In this case the flare left the knockout drum and went immediately to the underground channel leaving not enough straight piping for a flare meter to be installed.


Fluenta’s flare gas measuring system only requires 15 diameters of straight pipe tubing, which is shorter than the industry standard. A piping was modified to include a small loop of pipe which satisfied this requirement of 15 diameters of straight piping so that the installed flare gas meter could measure accurately.


Because of this requirement of relatively shorter straight piping, the client’s requirements were satisfied with minimum modifications to the piping. If a longer length of straight piping would have been required, it would have used up more valuable space and incurred a greater cost to the client.  

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