Case Study – Corrosive Gases

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Some installations possess highly corrosive gases being vented. This can lead to the life of the transducers being reduced significantly which not only costs the clients in terms of time and cost but also in terms of data loss due to the break in measurement which may incur regulatory penalties.


When one such client approached us with such a highly corrosive mix of process gases that even Titanium or Stainless Steel would not be suitable, we decided to build a special, custom-built transducer for them. Our D&D and production departments worked together and went through several iterations and material choices and after intensive research and testing decided to develop and manufacture a transducer made from Hastelloy alloy to provide them with enhanced corrosion resistance.


The transducers have stood up well to the onslaught by the corrosive gases and are performing just as intended and providing consistent and accurate readings to the client due to the optimized alloy and a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan. The confidence in our system is such that the plant is being allowed to operate even though it is located right next to a small town.    

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