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Fluenta - Ultrasonic flare gas metering

Reduce Costs

The "one size fits all" approach, backed up by a regular stream of technical developments on the meter, generates highly accurate results in all changing gas compositions including high CO2, Hydrogen, and H2S regardless of the line size. The patented wide-band transducer technology enables one meter to accomplish multiple tasks, reducing spare parts inventory.

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Meet Emission Standards

With government regulators requiring more accurate
measurements for flaring, the onus is on operators to deliver
accurate and continuous flare gas measurements and report CO2
emissions in all conditions – whether it's low flow, high flow, or
high CO2 environments.

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Grow at your own pace

Fluenta has developed a PC–based software with expansion capabilities based on a "build as you go" principle, where the different modules are easily implemented through upgrades either locally or remotely.

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Global Reach

Flare gas measurement remains a key element of oil & gas operations today. The World Bank estimates that over 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas are flared or vented annually, an amount worth approximately 30.6 billion dollars, equivalent to 25% of the United States' gas consumption or 30% of the European Union's gas consumption per year.

CO2-based flaring emissions are also equivalent to the annual emissions of 77 million cars. Initiatives and government regulators including the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA, the World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Initiative, and the Oil & Gas Commission combined with the Energy Resource Conservation Board in Canada, require industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing various directives. The International Energy Agency and member countries from the G8 are all flagging the issue of flaring. Fluenta can help you comply.

Ultrasonic Technology

Fluenta has been developing ultrasonic flare metering systems since 1985. Today, Fluenta has hundreds of flare metering systems in operation worldwide and specializes in a single flare-metering product known as the Flare Gas Meter (FGM) 160. Our purpose – to continue leading the industry with the world's most advanced ultrasonic technology for complex and challenging environments.

The FGM 160 can accurately track gases being emitted through a flare stack with only one transducer pair, detect leaks for mass balance, and provide accurate measurement of very low and high flow rates in flare systems.

Broadband Ultrasonic Transducers and Signal Processing - What's the difference?
The range ability and resolution of ultrasonic flow meters specifically developed for monitoring flare gas is not created equal, and there are limitations at both the low end and high end. To learn more, download the paper titled "Flare Measurement - Advanced Ultrasonic Technology" from our resources section.


Metering systems & Accessories

FGM 100 and 130 discontinuation



FGM 100 Discontinuation Notice

FGM 130 Discontinuation Notice